Especially in the construction industry, it comes down to each individual person's performance in order to be successful.
Everything has to fit and sit, every small block must be coordinated.
We appreciate people who, in addition to their expertise and dedication, are good team members but can still make correct decisions independently.

In rewarding performance, we constantly offer advanced qualification training and offer a job with a secure future.

Hetzel Stellenangebote Bauwirtschaft

Whether "old hand" or "beginner," we always have much to do. Therefore, we are always looking for qualified, dedicated employees and staff - and also welcome unsolicited applications.

Employment offers: craftsmen 

Apprenticeships, (male and female) painters and lacquer handworkers

For this varied, hands-on training, we expect a valid school diploma and a willingness to continually develop. Creativity and pleasure of a good design and tone are also welcome.

The training focuses on the trade order in which you go through the various stages of the training plan in detail and at length. Supporting you from day one, our team will actively challenge you in shaping, coating, and clothing of interior walls, ceilings, floors and facades. So you are sure that you have chosen the right career, we offer you the opportunity to complete an internship in our company.

Painter Foreman (male and female)

You are looking for interesting and varied activities in the construction and expansion of trade and have already had some experience in the responsible management of employees in production teams?
Then you've arrived at the right location.

Your duties will include the customer-and service-oriented management of individual teams, including the utilization of autonomous measurement software on site. In managing our production teams, we expect a thorough and results-oriented approach with high expectations of self motivation. Through our internal training and specialization measures, we offer a long-term perspective, and good development opportunities to unfold in your department and put our performance and quality standards into practice.

Technical Jobs 

Construction manager (male and female)

You have completed a degree in civil engineering or architecture and are looking for the right job?

our responsibilities include the management of construction projects throughout the country, including the owners relations, consultation with architects and suppliers, as well as the issuing of payments to subcontractors with our purchase. In the line of construction projects, you are responsible for the quality, scheduling and cost control, and carry a high degree of responsibility for the company's success.

Your entry will be made, depending on experience, through a personalized coaching program or direct entry.

Management Jobs 

Education office clerk / female

For this training you should have completed at least a good technical, secondary school or college and can provide particularly good marks in German and mathematics.

We expect a good grasp, rejoicing in commercial subjects, responsibility and commitment. You can expect an interesting and practical training for the trade order in which you go through the various stages of the training plan in detail and at length. In your training, you will be expected, from day one, to actively support our team and assume an early self-responsibility for your own activities.
So you are sure that you have chosen the right career, we offer you the opportunity to complete an internship in our company.

Industrial and office administrator / female

You have completed your training as an industrial or office clerk with success and are looking for an interesting and diversified activity in construction and expansion of trade?

You have the ability to support our team in advance and apply the MS Office applications securely.

Your duties will include the independent and autonomous commercial management of construction projects, including telephone and written correspondence, as well as supply and billing with one of the leading ERP systems.

For more information or for your application, the following persons are available to you

Your contact persons

Crafts and handwork

Konstantinos Reptsis

phone +49 201 3646-117


Josef Fehler

phone +49 201 3646-102

Management/Combined Studies

Astrid Theisen

phone +49 201 3646-113

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