The service portfolio of Hetzel + Sponheuer GmbH & Co. KG has grown consistently in recent decades.

Besides "Classic Construction" (the core business), there are increasingly more services available for your building projects.

Main entrance
of the headquarters located in the former "Fritz-Heinrich" coal mining building.

Hetzel Haupteingang
Zeche Fritz-Heinrich

The group is now a medium sized construction services provider with headquarters in Essen-Altessen, housed in the buildings of the former Fritz-Heinrich coal mining company. Through a well organized network with regular partners (> Netzwerk Bau), the HETZEL group is successfully active primarily in Germany. The HETZEL group currently consists of two businesses:

Hetzel Bau (Hetzel Construction)

with a comprehensive range of services covers all services and trades for your building projects. The company has been active since 1929. The roots lie in specialty coatings and removal tasks for large mining plants and energy companies. After 1945, focus was shifted to include retail stores and housing construction. In subsequent years, the preservation of buildings became increasingly important, (e.g. concrete maintenance). We were able, bit by bit, to develop new services. Today the company offers a full range of construction services.

Sponheuer Bau (Sponheuer Construction)

has been the specialist for Building- and Historical Preservation projects since 1904. Beyond many modern communities, there are buildings that justify their importance as part of an urban collection worthy of preservation or due to a special regional history. The Sponheuer team has extensive experience in renovation, restoration and preservation of historically significant buildings.

HETZEL Bau - planning organizing building - essen, germany SPONHEUER Bau - building- and monument preservation - essen, germany

The HETZEL Group - Two professions

Leistungen hoch zwei

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